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COI’s New Website

March 18, 2013

On Monday, February 11th, Computer Optics launched our brand new website. While our last site contained much useful information, it had been over 6 years since our last update. Additionally, users informed us that it was difficult to navigate.

Our main objective was to make this new site more “user friendly”, but we also recognized the need to frequently update information on our site. The design of our updated site allows our users to easily browse from page to page and find all of the information they require.

One new section is our “Case Studies” page. We have highlighted 13 applications ranging from Multi-Function Rifle Sites to Postal Sorting Machines. Each case study goes into the details of specifications, and in certain cases, what COI did to offer design solutions for various applications.

We have also updated our mailing list so that it is easier for our customers to receive updates and information about the company and our products. Additionally, we have added a section where customers can download information request forms. Now users can fill this form out and send it back to COI for our engineers to review and respond quickly and efficiently.

As always, we also are excited to spread our information over our social media sites as well. While you are visiting the new website, be sure to check us out on Facebook & Twitter as well. We plan to frequently update our social media sites on all relevant information at COI and on the industries we service.

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