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Two Position 3°/9° Zoom Lens

December 5, 2012

This month’s case study will be the last of the series that we have been publishing. But do not fret! There are many more topics that we plan to cover in the upcoming months.

When we were approached with the task below, we knew we could use our knowledge and expertise to find an innovative solution to make our client happy.

Case Study 4: Two Position 3°/9° Zoom Lens

Autonomous vehicle requires lightweight lens to image at two unique focal lengths.

The required lens was exposed to heavy shock and vibration. Additionally, the lens had size constraints with a forced geometry, difficult weight restrictions, and ultra-power consumption.


Durability: The lens had a very durable and ruggedized design.

Innovation: The design had a folded optical solution which swings 90° to achieve two positions.

Mechanics: Fast mechanical switch from 100mm to 300mm focal length (latch system). Particular attention paid to the overall center of the gravity of the optical lens system.

Design: The final optical design had very few elements to maximize light transmission. It also had a very high numerical aperture (low f-number) for low-light conditions.

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