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Military & Defense: Stinger Objective Lens

November 1, 2012

We here at Computer Optics hope that the last couple of case studies that we have published on our blog have shown the innovation and precision with which we work, and the next case study will be no different!

This month’s case study follows in the footsteps of the first two that we presented, in that it was also developed for military and high impact uses. When the US Army expressed a need for Stinger Objective Lenses, we were ready to put our knowledge to the test.

Case Study 3: Stinger Objective Lens

Optics used in the US Army’s Stinger Missile

To produce a robust fixed focus lens that requires a very precise alignment of the front optical element. Once designed, the lens had to be manufactured from initial prototypes to high throughput in the production stage.


Durability: The lens had a very durable and ruggedized design.

Capability: The US Army determined after an exhaustive search of domestic companies that COI was the only company capable of property and precisely aligning the front optical element of the assembly.

Production: After an initial prototype run, hundreds of lenses were delivered over the history of the program.

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