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Military & Defense: Compact IR Zoom Lens

September 17, 2012

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words and if that is the case, we believe that a case study must be worth a million!

We have worked on numerous custom products for a variety of industries, however none of them are quite as impressive as the work that we have done for the defense industry. Each of the next four blogs headed your way will feature a case study that we are proud to share. Be sure to take notice of how Computer Optics didn’t let issues or specs get in the way of a well-made and thoughtfully designed product!

Case Study 1: Compact IR Zoom Lens


Design & build an IR lens with zoom capability for missile tracking


Resistant to very high shock & vibrations


Experience:        Successfully applied knowledge of optical lens design formerly in the visible region towards the first IR lens from COI

Durability:           Lens very ruggedized and capable of rapid mechanical cycling

Design:                 Used optically compensated zoom design (rather than mechanically compensated zoom design) due to its use in a high-shock environment. This was one of the first uses of optical compensation in an IR or zoom application ever.

Software:            Developed internal software used to design this lens. The software designer later went on to start the optical software company called Code V.

Production:        Commercial product line resulted in sales in excess of US$10M over the lifetime of the contract.

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