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Computer Optics: The Indestructible Lens

August 3, 2012

While we here at Computer Optics make lenses for all sorts of applications, we are especially proud of the products that we can provide for heavy duty and military applications. Since we manufacture everything in-house, we are able to take the time to really listen to what our clients want and build exactly what they need.

In the commercial lens industry, the consideration of cost and volume are important factors in how things are made. In the military industry, however, the ability to meet specifications is what matters most. We know that a fast and seamless transition from situational awareness to high detail is extremely important to our military clients, so we strive to be sure that our infrared zoom lenses and integrated camera systems meet those requirements. Military optical sights are designed to be used on the front lines, and they see a lot of action, so they need to be ruggedized. We are able to develop lenses that can withstand brute force and not incur any damage.

To show our capabilities, we have manufactured the indestructible lens; a simple, fixed-focus C-mount lens cased in metal, designed to survive almost any attack on it. Check out the video footage of us performing all sorts of tests on this lens. We dare you not to be impressed!

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